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On 20th January 2024, we had our first event titled CODE BOOST. At the event, the students were able to learn different things in different sessions. In the first session, the speaker was Rohit Gulam, who taught us about WordPress. Under WordPress, we were taught how to create a simple landing page and how to customize and optimize the landing page. During the second session, the speaker was Madam Shakila Mshana, and she taught us about idea generation techniques, validating startup ideas, and identifying market opportunities. In the third session, the speaker was Daniel Mawalla, who spoke about Git and GitHub and he introduced student pack tools. Also the students were able to participate in different games which helped to boost they're energy. 

January 25th 24
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On 9th  January 2024, representatives from  the Constractor University in Bremen Germany, visited the University of Dar es Salaam and introduced the youth teamup project.

The youth teamup project is all about innovation and commercialization of ideas. The mission of this project is to connect African and European youth through virtual exchange to embark on transformative Global Impact Projects (GIPs). The project will be conducted in two essential levels, which are the shallow virtual exchange and deep virtual exchange.

In shallow virtual exchange level,  young individuals come together in large groups to participate in engaging ideation and capacity building sessions that focus on both soft and technical skills. 

In deep virtual exchange level, the youth engagement is taken to the next level. Here, small groups of passionate individuals collaborate to bring the GIPs to life, using digitalization tools. By engaging in iterative co-design and prototyping sessions, coupled with targeted technical skills training, these teams work together to create transformative GIPs that leave a meaningful impact.

The training is expected to start on late February, make sure you join us in order to obtain new ideas and broaden your knowledge.

January 18th 24
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Are you an inventor? Startup enthusiast?  , how about a programmer interested in building the next big thing? Or just someone interested in learning startup whereabouts and tech you could use.
This Saturday 20th January 2024 at the UDICTI HUB, CoICT Kijitonyama, from 8:00 to 16:00 we shall have a full-day session in collaboration with GitHub Education, to show you how to leverage tools and technologies  available for free to help you build and ship your application/website (MVP) as quickly as possible.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up now on this link

January 16th 24
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Celebrating the First Cohort of UDICTI's StartUp 101 Program

Dar es Salaam, November 10, 2023 - The University of Dar es Salaam's College of Information and Communication Technologies (COICT) recently celebrated a remarkable event in the academic and entrepreneurial world. The UDICTI Startup Academy, an ICT incubation program, hosted its Pitching Event and Graduation Day, a milestone event for the brightest innovators from the university.

The event, which featured 17 innovative startups made by COICT students, was a celebration of creativity and the drive to be an entrepreneur. These startups worked in a wide range of fields, and each had its own unique way of solving problems in the modern world. For example, T-Hustle provided a digital platform for part-time job openings, and ChuoLink's edutech initiative helped people make smart choices about their education and careers. PesaLock stood out in the fintech industry by making sure that sending money online was safe, and GreenHealth's digital services made it easier for people to get health care.

Dsc 4698

Chuo Link CEO pitching the company's vision

Dr. Moses Ismail, the UDICTI Coordinator, addressed the audience and applauded the graduands commitment to learning. "Today, we celebrate not just the completion of a program but the birth of new innovations that hold the promise to reshape our society. These startups are the fruits of a vision that started back in 2010, to transform bright ideas into practical solutions," he stated. Dr. Ismail also extended gratitude to Dr. Diana Rwegasira, the lead of the UDICTI Startup Academy, and Ms. Shakila Mshana, the country representative of StartHub Africa, for their dedication and vision in nurturing these young innovators.

Moses Ismail

Beyond a mere formality, the occasion served as a hub for collaboration and networking, highlighting the critical role that academic establishments play in promoting technological progress and job prospects.

As these graduates step forward, they take with them not just certificates but a spirit of continuous innovation. "Remember, innovation isn't a one-time event; it's a lifelong journey," Dr. Ismail reminded the graduates.

Established at the University of Dar es Salaam's College of Information and Communication Technologies, the UDICTI Startup Academy is dedicated to fostering innovative and entrepreneurial skills among students, enabling them to launch professional startups and contribute significantly to the tech industry and employment sector.

November 16th 23
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UDICTI welcome freshers at CoICT

On 2nd November 2023, the University of Dar es Salaam's College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT) hosted the welcoming orientation programme for its new intake. One area students were introduced to was the  University's umbrella innovation unit, UDICTI, where the coordinator, Dr. Moses Ismail, shed light on the pivotal role of innovation and entrepreneurship in the academic journey awaiting the freshmen.

Dr. Ismail stated that, "Our programs at UDICTI are designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students and that UDICTI is committed to promoting an innovation-driven culture that supports the development of sustainable solutions for social and economic growth." He further introduced the array of programs and opportunities available to the students, like the Startup Academy, challenge-based programs such as Y4C, FinHub, and CDE, and the extensive mentorship and networking opportunities that UDICTI provides.

The students were invited to join a culture that thrives on creativity, practical problem-solving, and collaborative growth while at the university. Through UDICTI, the students are provided with a platform that transcends traditional learning, encouraging them to create social solutions and commercial ventures that can potentially drive positive change in society.

Dr. Ismail also provided some instructions for the eager students. He argued that you should "join the programs that interest you, work with your classmates, and they will be supported to meet their goals." He emphasized that learning from each other and working together is the key to success at UDICTI.

Since 2010, UDICTI has been providing support to students in creating new solutions for social and business challenges. It works closely with industry partners to provide practical experiences for students, which in turn contributes to the community and the economy.

November 2nd 23
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Inauguration of the Campus Climate Action : We learn tech, we conserve environment

Today, May 26, 2023, we have an Envirothon to inaugurate our on-campus climate action project. With our partner, Chatafisha, we are introducing students to the project, highlighting their roles and the transformative power of their collective environmental actions. 

Our Process

We introduce Fucha bins - which are blockchain-powered, and we use them to collect plastic bottles and track environmental actions for rewards. It simply does this: each time a plastic bottle is deposited into the bin, the system records the contribution and attributes it to the responsible individual. This innovative approach promotes responsible waste management and extends the benefits of our climate action project beyond the campus, benefiting the university and surrounding areas. 

We combine learning with climate action, empowering students to make a positive impact together. We will train students on blockchain technology and its applications as part of the project. In this project, they will witness firsthand its potential to mitigate climate change, but there will be other use cases that we will roll out in the future.

What’s happening today?

We are kicking off the project. Today’s inauguration is just the first step towards creating a lasting impact. We are determined to journey toward a greener and more sustainable future. We recognize that it’s a momentous inauguration of our in-campus climate action project. We will introduce students to the project. We will also hear about how the whole environmental action ecosystem will function at UDSM. 

Who is welcome?

CoICT community and public 

Let us come together, learn, and have fun.


May 26th 23
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UDSM Sets Sights on Empowering Tanzanian Youth with Innovative Gig-Space

On April 29th, 2023, the University of Dar es Salaam conducted an onboarding workshop to inaugurate the second phase of the Tech-skilling program. The program aims at identifying and supporting talents among university students to address challenges in the financial industry. The program will culminate in an industrial exchange program, which provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge in the financial sector by working with CRDB and other partners in the financial industry.

During this workshop, the University announced its plan to establish a Gig-Space that will provide students, upon completion of the program, with the necessary resources and facilities to create innovative products and services that can be applied across various sectors of the economy. Dr. Moses Ismail, the Coordinator of Innovation at CoICT, said that this initiative is part of FinHub, one of the hubs under CoICT's Innovation, aimed at empowering Tanzanian youth economically by providing them with valuable skills and practical experience. Dr. Ismail added that the space will enable students and graduates to use their gained skills to provide services in the gig-economy, empowering them economically. He welcomed partners to support this vision, emphasizing that providing Tanzanian youth with opportunities to showcase their skills and gain practical experience in various economic sectors is essential towards addressing youth unemployment through economic empowerment.

Dr. Angelina Misso, the FinHub Coordinator, said that over 200 students have benefited from the program so far, with 80 students now entering the advanced level to learn product development in-depth. “These students will have the opportunity to engage with the industry through a two-month exchange program before providing services through the Gig-space, employment or startups”, Dr. Misso added. She further emphasized that the program would enroll students and provide them to excel through the Gig-Space and other avenues on a yearly basis.

CRDB and UDSM team during the workshop

In a message delivered by Dr. Moses Ismail, the Principal of CoICT, Prof. Joel Mtebe, commended CRDB for investing in the future of Tanzanian youth, stating that the college would continue supporting students not only with skills but with a practical environment for economic empowerment.

Speaking during the workshop, the CRDB’s Learning and Development manager, Mr. Abel Lwasay, praised the program as the first initiative of this kind by CRDB and promised continued support to ensure its intended impact. He added that CRDB is happy about the impact this initiative is already making.

Abel Lasway addressing

The CRDB bank is not only supporting with financial resources but also hands-on with Ms. Jacklina Jackson (Senior Manager – Digital & Core Innovation) and Edwin Bakalemwa (Software Developer) as part of the program team. Ms. Jacklina hailed the Gig-Space initiative as an innovative step towards addressing youth unemployment and empowering Tanzanian youth economically. She said, “It provides a platform for students to showcase their skills and gain practical experience, which can be applied in various sectors of the economy, which is exactly what Tanzania needs right now”.

The second phase of training, which is set to end in March 2024, is carried in collaboration with Ignite Africa Limited. Mr. Francis Osaro Omorojie, the Managing Director of Ignite Africa Limited, pledged the company's commitment to seeing the program succeed and transform tech-graduates into solution creators.






May 4th 23
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UDSM's Innovative Projects Showcase Potential for Tanzania's Development

The University of Dar es Salaam's Research and Innovation Week came to a close on Friday 14th April 2023, after showcasing a wide range of innovative projects from students and staff members across different fields. The event was themed "Impactful Research and Innovation for Socioeconomic Well-being in Tanzania," and provided a platform for researchers to share their work and ideas, with a focus on collaboration and innovation.

One of the most impressive aspects of the event was the exhibition of groundbreaking products and solutions with the potential to transform various sectors in Tanzania. These products ranged from a software system to manage hotel operations, an out-of-home media advertising company with a unique approach to reaching audiences, a platform generating evidence on malnutrition indicators, and an electronic waste management system that reduces the negative effects of e-waste on the environment and human health.

Moses Rumanyika, a team member from My Hotel App, shared his enthusiasm for the product's potential impact, stating, "We are thrilled to showcase My Hotel App, which will revolutionize the way hospitality/hotel businesses of all sizes manage bookings and other activities related to their businesses. This product has the potential to streamline hotel operations in Tanzania."

Alvina Minja, a representative from OohBit Innovations Limited, highlighted the unique solution her company provides, saying, "Our out-of-home media advertising company provides an innovative approach to targeting audiences through mobile billboard advertising. This is a highly effective way of reaching customers who are always on the move".

Beatrice Mwaisumbe, a team member from the Malnutrition Project, spoke about the platform's ability to generate evidence on malnutrition indicators, adding, "Our platform generates evidence on malnutrition indicators for school-aged children and adolescents by visualizing indicators for this age group and offering an automatic BMI calculator. This is a crucial tool in fighting malnutrition in Tanzania".

The Electronic Waste Management System was also highly praised for its potential to minimize the negative impact of e-waste on the environment and human health. In addition to these solutions, there were other innovative products showcased at the event. These included products from the financial sector, such as personalized mobile banking applications, and products from the agricultural sector, such as an automated drip irrigation system using IoT. Other sectors, such as health, were also represented with digital health platforms. The diverse range of products exhibited demonstrates the breadth of innovative solutions being developed at the University of Dar es Salaam and their potential to drive socioeconomic well-being in Tanzania.

The Fin Hub team during the exhibition The FINHUB team with the  Hub coordinator Dr. Angelina Misso (3rd -R)

The University of Dar es Salaam Innovation Hub (UDICTI) played a significant role in nurturing the innovative and problem-solving skills of the University's students. Dr. Moses Ismail, the Innovation Coordinator at CoICT, expressed his satisfaction with the impact of the local innovation ecosystem, stating, "We are delighted to see the fruits of our labor showcased in this important forum. Our local innovation ecosystem nurtures students to address community and industrial challenges, and we are excited to see the positive impact our students are making in various sectors".

The Principal of CoICT, Prof. Joel Mtebe, emphasized the role that the University of Dar es Salaam plays in the development of the ICT sector, saying, "Our innovation and research outputs are a testament to the significant role that UDSM and CoICT, in particular, plays in the development of the ICT sector. We are proud to showcase some of our most innovative products at this year's event."

Speaking on the final day of exhibition, the coordinator of the Research and Innovation Week, Dr. Leonard Peter, said  that this year's event has demonstrated the immense potential of innovative solutions to drive socioeconomic well-being in Tanzania. "As the University of Dar es Salaam continues to prioritize impactful research and innovation, it is well-positioned to make a significant contribution to the country's development" he said.



April 14th 23
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UDSM and SmartLab Sign Partnership Agreement to Foster Innovation, Research and Public Services

The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) has partnered with SmartLab, one of the leading innovation platforms in Tanzanian innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, to foster entrepreneurship, innovation, research, and link academia with industry. The partnership will see the two organizations work collaboratively on several programs aimed at supporting students in establishing startups and developing entrepreneurship skills.

The signing ceremony of the collaboration agreement was held on 22nd March 2023, at the College of Information and Communication Technologies (COICT). Speaking during the ceremony, Dr. Mercy Mbise, the acting Principal of COICT, emphasized the importance of the collaboration in developing skills and supporting students to develop and commercialize innovative products.

Dr. Angelina Misso, who coordinates the FinHub (UDICTI's Financial Innovation's wing), highlighted the potential impact of the collaboration in product development and improving employability skills among students. She noted that the partnership would provide opportunities for students to learn about entrepreneurship and innovation, and to develop products that could potentially create jobs and transform communities.

Dr. Moses Ismail Mchome, the coordinator of Innovation activities at COICT, added that this collaboration is not only essential in supporting innovation products development, but also it is important for “accelerating the products emerging from the pre-incubation activities under the University of Dar es Salaam ICT Innovation Hub (UDICTI)”. He further added that this collaboration will also extend to teaching, research, and consultancy as the University transforms to competence-based learning.

Under the collaboration, the University of Dar es Salaam and SmartLab will establish and operationalize joint innovation and entrepreneurship programs, including acceleration and commercialization programs aimed at supporting students in establishing startups. Additionally, the two organizations will collaborate in consultancy, research, and innovation projects of mutual interest. They will also develop and implement innovation programs for stakeholders, including corporates and businesses.

Other activities of mutual benefit to the Institutions include joint training programs, innovation, and entrepreneurship curriculum development and implementation, supporting the implementation of each party's activities aimed at providing entrepreneurship and innovation skills and support for university students and university staff such as hackathons, talent hire, and providing support to eligible startups through coaching and mentorship.

The collaboration is expected to have a significant impact on the development of innovative products, supporting students' employability skills, and the promotion of entrepreneurship in Tanzania. Pressed on the potential impact of the partnership to the national economy, Dr. Mchome added that the “partnership will bring together the expertise of the University of Dar es Salaam and SmartLab and create an innovation ecosystem that can produce solutions to some of the most pressing social and economic challenges facing Tanzania”.  The agreement is set to run for five years until 2027.

March 22nd 23
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UDSM students play key role in the Phase III of the African Child Project

We are thrilled to announce that we have embarked on Phase III of the African Child Project to install broadband internet infrastructure and provide technical support to 300 rural schools in Tanzania. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide and provide equal opportunities for students in remote areas to access quality education.

The installation of broadband internet services will enable students and teachers to access a wealth of educational resources and opportunities that were previously unavailable to them. With high-speed internet connectivity, students can access online resources such as e-books, videos, and other multimedia content to enhance their learning experience. Teachers can also use the internet to access teaching resources, communicate with their peers, and develop innovative teaching methods.

In addition to installing broadband internet infrastructure, we are also training technical personnel to provide support and ensure that the internet services function optimally. These technicians will also train teachers to integrate technology into their teaching and help students navigate the internet safely and effectively.

Our students at the (UDSM) participate hands-on in this project and acquire the necessary real-world experience to navigate the tech world. They have found a cause (in this project) to create value and bring impact to the community. This is important because the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) is changing the way it teaches through a competence-based learning pedagogical approach that aims, among other things, to connect academia and industry for learning and impact. We thank our partners, Vodacom Tanzania Plc, and Basic Internet Foundation, who have made this initiative possible. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in making this project a reality. We believe that this initiative will have a positive impact on the education sector in Tanzania and beyond.

Stay tuned for updates on this project, and we look forward to sharing the success stories of our students and teachers.

March 13th 23
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UDSM Students Continue to Excel in Huawei Competition

Seven UDSM students are among the students from two Tanzanian universities who made it through to the regional level in this year’s Huawei Competition. “From the previous competition, two more tracks (Innovation and Computing Teams) were added, and the winners emerged from the Network, Cloud, Innovation, and Computing tracks,” a Huawei representative said in a congratulatory statement shared on 19 January 2023, in Dar es Salaam. According to the statement, eighteen (18) universities participated in this round of the competition held at the Huawei Headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

UDSM Team in a picture with the College Innovation Coordinator Dr. Moses Ismail

Whats App Image 2023 01 19 at 11.29.00

The teams will now proceed to the regional level alongside other tracks. In his congratulatory remarks to the UDSM batch, Prof. Joel Mtebe, the principal of the College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT), said that the college would continue to support them as they moved on to the next round of the competition.

CoICT has done well in [Huawei competitions in the past]( On 25 June 2022, it won third place in Huawei’s 6th Global ICT Competition. That was the second win in two consecutive years for UDSM and Tanzania

January 19th 23
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Startup 101 is a practical Innovation and Entrepreneurship program that offered at University of Dar es Salaam this academic year 2022/2023. The program is run in collaboration between UDICTI Startup Academy and StartHub Africa.
December 19th 22
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GDG devfest at Buni Hub

As a hub nurturing potential future developers, we collaborate with partner hubs to equip our incubatees with the right skills. GDG DevFest Tz brings is one of those opportunities where young people are shaping the future of Android, Web, IoT - Robotics, AI, and Cloud technologies. Our incubatees participated to this year development festival at the Buni hub.


December 16th 22
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A night at UDICTI hackathon for payment systems

Our incubatees participate in various solutions hacking activities to develop solutions for pressing organisational and community challenges. In the photo are students at CoICT particpating in a hachathon to develop solutions for one of the local banks. Participants were exposed to challenges for which they ideated and proptotyped solutions for testing and gather more insights from the user.

December 16th 22
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